Union Berlin - SV Werder Bremen | 3-1 | Highlights | Matchday 31 - Bundesliga 2020/21


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    #FCUSVW | Highlights from Matchday 31!
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    Watch the Bundesliga highlights of Union Berlin vs. SV Werder Bremen from Matchday 31 of 2020/21 season!
    Goals: 1-0 Pohjanpalo (50’), 2-0 Pohjanpalo (53’), 3-0 Pohjanpalo (67’), 3-1 Selassie (82’)
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    1. Bundesliga

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    2. Aldorf Luthanus

      BRAVO Union Berlin!!!!! BRAVO Union Berlin!!!!! BRAVO Union Berlin!!!!! BRAVO Union Berlin!!!!! BRAVO Union Berlin!!!!!

    3. Aldorf Luthanus

      Werder Bremen 😡😡😡😡😡

    4. Messi Lingard

      0:14 🤣🤣🤣 mans was commited

    5. Ulises Galaviz Nuñez

      Didn't knew Scott Sterling was playing for SV Werder Bremen

    6. Tengku Syafiq

      Union berlin is one of underrated team in bundesliga. Hope they will make a debut in ucl in the future 🔥

    7. Hola Hola

      Andrich must really dislike Friedl

    8. doge ama oynuyor fan


    9. Pratik Shirodkar

      Robert Andrich hitting his girlfriend's ex Marco Friedl.

    10. inderjit chahal

      We need to improve we are sleepwalking to relegation

      1. inderjit chahal

        Do you think adminho that bremen need a new manager since kohfedt has done well but is on bad form breaking records as the most losses in a row we need schaaf do you agree

      2. inderjit chahal

        Yes I agree

      3. Bundesliga

        It’s the opposite of last season... time to get a crucial win 💚

    11. BjorksChauffeur

      The nightmare continues for Bremen. Hard to escape from 2 liga if they go down. Glory days are distant memories. Heartbreaking.

    12. ORAVLA

      P O H J A N P A L O

    13. Aziz Arib


    14. smeep

      Pohjanpalo save something for the summer man😬

      1. Bundesliga

        A couple more hat-tricks coming up 🇫🇮 😉

    15. Omed Saed


    16. David Puati

      Damn that boy got hit 3 times in a row xD 0:10

      1. Shadow Reaper/Tribladepirate

        @Brad Lovell I was looking for the Comment!

      2. Brad Lovell

        The man, the myth, THE LEGEND! SCOTT STERLING!!!

      3. Santiago Martínez

        @Bundesliga 😂

      4. Bundesliga


      5. Santiago Martínez

        Poor guy 🤣

    17. NeptuneChris2004

      Bremen will be relegated anytime soon if they keep losing!

      1. S5A(17) 馮曉逸 FUNG HIU YAT

        Just when ever thought they’d be safe, suddenly Werder Bremen found themselves sinking into the danger zone......

    18. The Puki

      Jolle Pohjanpalo! 🇫🇮🔥🔥🔥 Danger💪

      1. Bundesliga

        What a day! ⚽️ ⚽️ ⚽️

    19. S5A(17) 馮曉逸 FUNG HIU YAT

      I thought Werder Bremen would be safe from relegation without a doubt, but now I need to reconsider that statement.

      1. Josiah Lutchman

        @Icewallowcome 1 they won the relegation play off

      2. Icewallowcome 1

        Last seaosn they were a point off or something

    20. Cinclus

      Union Berlin must be the biggest surpise this Bundesliga season, they are not spending much money on new players but they are a very solid unity and well-organized team

      1. Angad Grewal

        Holstein Kiel also

      2. Angad Grewal

        Eintracht is surprise

      3. Rehan

        A real football team unlike PSG City and Chelshit

      4. Roberto Lawes

        What a team man. I love how they play.

    21. Jen'ari-asha

      Eisern Union!!!

    22. Roberto Lawes

      Union Berlin is my favorite. I hope they get to go to Europe next season. Conference League even.

      1. Yosnel 27

        Das werden bestimmt noch dieses jahr schaffen

      2. Roberto Lawes

        @Bundesliga definitely

      3. Bundesliga

        They’ve done themselves proud 🥲❤️

      4. Rehan

        @Keenan 556 union > arsenal and spurs anyway

      5. Keenan 556

        Or ESL 🤣🤣🤣