Top 5 Goals • Haaland, Haidara & More | Matchday 31 - 2020/21


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    Enjoy the best goals from Matchday 31!
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    No time to rest and relax for our Bundesliga stars. Following a round of midweek fixtures, there were only a couple of days until Matchday 31 - and once again important points were at stake in the run-in to the end of the season. Above all, it was time to deliver for the teams' goal scorers and they duly rose to the challenge. Here are the 5 best goals of the matchday featuring Erling Haaland, Amadou Haidara and Lucas Alario. Which goal is your favourite? Let us know in the comments.

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    1. JaneQ

      This is really the best football chanell on SEprom. Thank you Bundesliga!

    2. fun time

      Bundesliga has the best commentators♥♥

    3. Alex Tsatryan

      When they say Eeeeerling Haaaland

    4. RBlox_Gaming

      Ribery : Das ist eine wassssaaaa


      Dortmund the best team in bundesliga

    6. Rwichik Bhattacharyya

      All goals are classic 🤩

    7. Hezekiah Moses

      Breeliant embolo goal

    8. Your old Obese home boy

      Haaland is such an amazing player. It will be exciting to see what he does next in his career.

    9. Meliores Shitpost


    10. Crext Valormind

      Where's the mandatory "38 goals in 40 games" video? :o

      1. Bundesliga


    11. アルフォンソデイビス


    12. Klaus Mikaelson

      I think the commentary on the halaand was the commentator on fifa 21

    13. Name is just a name right?

      surprised not to see bukardt...

    14. Vladyslav Kurbatskyy


    15. Romel Negut

      #Duda. That goal is beautiful, just lets it fly.

    16. Brian Chang

      #Haaland bruh me a fan so yeah

    17. Вадим Фофанов

      5. Haidara 4. Gebre Selassie 3. Embolo - 2 2. Duda - 1 1. Burkardt

    18. Samed Ada Başdaş


    19. Finn G

      Haidara header, Olmo's pass wow

    20. mobile 21

      Bundes......liga is dabest

    21. C'zarro Faiq Wcksn

      Max Arnold forgot if he's not Alphonse Davies

    22. Abhishek Aravind

      Malayali undo ivide 😅😁✌

      1. Rohit John

        illathe evide povana



    23. Lil -Falafel

      Köln ist the Best Team in the Bundesliga in my ❤️

    24. Sanjay Kumar

      Fourth goal had an excellent team work

    25. Devesh Mittal

      All Best Goals Hai

    26. AstroNerf


      1. Romel Negut

        Hits it first time. No chance for the goalkeeper.

      2. Bundesliga

        Not much better than a perfectly hit volley 🤩

    27. Pharez G

      Haalandinho goal almost as good as Adminho 🤫

    28. 𝓚i𝐌 m𝐢кẸ

      Let's agree. This is the best football channel on SEprom 👍💯⚽😁.

      1. مباريات الآن

        Come on Leipzig. My team is Leipzig. They will qualify for the Champions League next season

      2. Romel Negut

        They love to interact with the fans, a factor which is key in my personal opinion.

      3. Carrot And A Stick

        Agreed, but what about the mls channel?

      4. Bundesliga

        Let's agree: These are the best fans in the world! 💙🖤💛❤️🤎💜🤍🧡

      5. Esther Akunda


    29. Burak Gülsunay

      Erling Haaland 🤙🤙

    30. Futsu Ningen

      Haaland insane!

    31. abinaya vidhata

      Man bundesliga is full of rocket launchers🥵☄🚀

      1. Name is just a name right?

        @abinaya vidhata LOL

      2. abinaya vidhata

        @Bundesliga that's a thomas muller worthy comment right there😁

      3. Bundesliga

        Boom-desliga 💥

    32. بيرلو

      2:01 Great counterattack with great finish

    33. بيرلو

      0:49 Tiki taka

    34. Tim.otaii

      alario moving like early season haaland sheeessh

      1. Bundesliga

        Alario also started this season on fire 🔥 A beautiful finish ⤵️

    35. M hossain

      This time it is Top 5 Goals Not only Haaland goals

    36. yosef

      Beautiful as always

    37. jazeel husain

      Adminho is the number 1 goal


      I knew that Duda is No.1.

    39. Carl-Leo Pahnke

      Haaland breaking records with ease

    40. MB10

      Imagine getting a heart from the bundlesliga

      1. abinaya vidhata

        You actually got 1, nice

      2. abinaya vidhata

        Keep trying mate

    41. Jordan Lee

      Gladbach goal is class, the passing is wonderful 🤩


        @Bundesliga Breeliant Embolo

      2. Nathan Desmond


      3. Bundesliga

        Been a while since I could say... BREEL-iant goal 😄

    42. Esther Akunda

      Ooh boy Haaland is amazing!!!Bundesliga really got the best talents