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    Reus, Sancho, Sané & Co - Which positional change is your favourite in FIFA 21?
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    They are some of the best in the world in their positions. But modern football is dynamic and flexible. Players have to adapt to the game and leave their favourite positions from time to time for the success of the team. So EA has also given some players in FIFA 21 a positional change. Thanks to these changes, you can play Leroy Sane in central midfield or in attack instead of on the left wing. Or switch wings with players like Leon Bailey and Jadon Sancho. We have compiled the 10 best position changes in the Bundesliga in FIFA 21 for you. Which ones do you like best? Let us know in the comments!

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    1. Lebron Fernandes

      Frick man Leon bailies was the best

    2. December Suma

      Sancho and Guerreiro duet on the left flank 🤩

    3. adrian bailey

      I cant see bailey stats could some one tell me

    4. adrian bailey

      Why gnabry dribbling so low

    5. amir khateri

      I’m waiting for a adminiho tots🔥 😉😂

    6. 5 years ago

      Gannet only 88 ? He deserves more

    7. just me

      it’s pronounced bee a wek basically instead of a L it’s a w

    8. Zzz Zzz

      Why bayerns CAM's behaves as forwards?!!

    9. Zzz Zzz

      Plot twist gnarby's dominant foot is right one

    10. David Davidsonstrucz

      Where are Lewy

    11. Raghwender Rai

      Young talent are in Dortmund 🥰🥰🥰

    12. Nathan there hi

      Waiting for tots😃

    13. Shawn Akilesh

      Reyna’s goal is spectacular 🤩🤩😍

    14. Michael Kebede


    15. Michael Kebede


    16. Zenaide celestino

      You Helou Brazil direct

    17. Ktosiek Jakiś

      Marco Reus 💛🖤💛🖤

    18. Viswajith Varma

      At last REUS is back🔥🔥🔥🔥

    19. MR TITAN

      And in which position will Müller play?

    20. C'zarro Faiq Wcksn

      in my opinion Kimmich and Can is the best position change Kimmich from RB to CDM , Can from CM to CB

      1. 5 years ago

        @Icewallowcome 1 true , he cost dortmund against Manchester city

      2. Icewallowcome 1

        Can is bad at cb

    21. D uke

      Marco reus

    22. Raoul Duke

      sané needs a serious drop in stats, there's absolutely no way hes a 91 at the moment

      1. Icewallowcome 1

        It’s a special card,it’s for fun not form

    23. Zahraa Ashkanani

      The goals are fire 🔥 #MiaSanMia Bayern fan here ❤️

    24. Carl-Leo Pahnke

      Bundesliga I am still waiting for the top ten best games of Bundesliga, you did a good job on this video.

    25. Mohammad Sami

      omg dortmund changed the whole team positions hahahaha

    26. Shawayne Grant

      Bailey we proud fam 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

    27. muhasin Muhasin

      Marco Reus is a genius

    28. Thomas Stathakos

      With FUTMAS card it's easy to change position...

    29. Justen

      No competition 🔥😎is decided by the captain marco Reus 💛🖤🤩

    30. Emmanuel Jesudas


    31. Janek Bator

      Where's Neuer???

    32. Devesh Mittal

      All And Yes Definitely

    33. Rico

      Marco Reus

    34. Bushy Games

      Bailly’s goal was amazing

    35. 8A 43 Saptarshi Shaoo

      Thomas Muller : in Bayern we have too much CAM s you know too much compitition

    36. Haris

      4:05 sane or ribbery


      I think you meant AGILITY


      Haland não está nessa lista é um pecado !

    39. Matti D'inho

      How does bundesliga make so many videos about FIFA when EA literally disrespects the whole league with ratings

      1. PES 4 LIFE


    40. Lauren Hasegawa

      ane the best

    41. Elijah Edric Guinto

      The last time I was this early, there weren't any plans for Phonzie to become a defender.

    42. لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله

      ساعدوني يا اهل الخير من أجل اطفالي.

    43. Was a judge.

      Kimmich went from a good rb to one of the best CDMs

      1. Pedro Araujo

        The best

      2. Levi Mirza

        @censored casemiro ? Marquinos ? Brozovic ? Rodri ? Fabinho where would you rank these. I personally think kimmich is the best dm in the world but that's my opinion

      3. PES 4 LIFE

        @censored I agree

      4. censored

        IMO only second to kante

      5. Levi Mirza

        He went from one of the best fullbacks in the world to one of the best dms. He is top 3 in botb positions

    44. Hamish Knowles

      You will notice how sane doesnt have a UCL motm card

    45. Avyz ien

      Why FiFA not Efootball PES

    46. król

      My team is gnabry

    47. POLO G&K

      beautiful bundesliga, 6 players of BVB

    48. Katiuscia Fabello

      Bundesliga❤ Very good Video 😃 ADMINHO 🤩😍 Is Fantastic and Eccezional

    49. Katiuscia Fabello

      Like👍👍For 2 LEROY SANE 😍 BAYERN ❤

    50. Kylerzz

      2:09 that pass 🔥🔥🔥

      1. Thomas Stathakos

        That control...

    51. J H

      lots of dortmund players 😍😍

    52. Matei Aplugaritei

      So Bayern have 3 CAMs now Gnabry, Musiala and Sane? Damn

      1. NinjaVicen YT

        they can play there but still they're wingers

    53. Mufunwa Mudau

      The force will be with you Always

    54. Manish Googa

      Early gang adminho ❤️

    55. Ruben Atencio

      Adminho has changed from own goal cb to Mega own goal cb, that is the biggest of them all

    56. PrometheusTV

      The fact that Hazard is scoring more goals than Hazard 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      1. 5 years ago

        Skinny hazard is scoring more goals than fat hazard

      2. Pedro Araujo

        Today Eden is the worst brother and thorgan is the best

      3. Preetam Bhowmik

        @Santiago Escobedo1 what he meant was thorgan is scoring more than his brother eden

      4. PrometheusTV

        @Santiago Escobedo1 I know

      5. Santiago Escobedo1

        Hazard is ede hazards brother search it up

    57. Omul Butoi

      Like 6 of them were all from BVB 😍

    58. Szabolcs Máté

      What about Szoboszlai lm future stars card?

    59. Adham Youssef

      Thorgan Hazard’s goal reminds me of Thierry Henry

      1. Faiz Dhiwa

        @Sara AL-Ghamdi against madrid when he was at barca

      2. Nikolas Kacaribu

        He only need more finishing

      3. Sara AL-Ghamdi


    60. Alex18

      Really surprising position changes if you ask me

    61. Kazuma27FG


    62. Was a lawyer .

      Sane to CAM ? Never saw it

      1. gamer stars

        O u support domrtmund



    64. ADI GAMER PRO 99


    65. Katie Hall

      Cloud u heart this plz

    66. Benjamin Ngo Kopperholdt

      Good video like always keep up the good work❤️❤️

      1. TheBigNoob

        The video just started wdym