SV Werder Bremen - 1. FSV Mainz 05 | 0-1 | Highlights | Matchday 30 - Bundesliga 2020/21


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    #SVWM05 | Highlights from Matchday 30!
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    Watch the Bundesliga highlights of SV Werder Bremen vs. 1. FSV Mainz 05 from Matchday 30 of 2020/21 season!
    Goals: 0-1 Szalai (16’)
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    2. Carren Esquerra

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    3. БАНАНА


    4. Aldorf Luthanus

      BRAVO Mainz!!!!! BRAVO Mainz!!!!! BRAVO Mainz!!!!! BRAVO Mainz!!!!! BRAVO Mainz!!!!!

    5. Gergő Szabó

      Hope to see Szalai get back to his form, he scored 2 and assisted 2 in 3 matches for Hungary a few weeks earlier, hope he finds himself in the same form in the Bundesliga and the European Championship too💪🏼

    6. lifeoftyrese

      Eggestein’s pass🔥🔥🔥

    7. inderjit chahal

      Bremen are sleepwalking towards relegation we need a mourinho type manager

    8. Tamás Tóth

      🔥SZALAI 🔥

    9. Julia Santiago


    10. Minej Mosuris

      Mainz.... Continuing to be INSANELY clutch😂💯

    11. Thomao

      Sargent's fall on the USMNT depth chart continues.

    12. mayholiday

      Yeeeee szalai

    13. d

      So Bremen's bad form continues.....

    14. E X G L E _ Renegade Raider-PSG Fan


    15. Simohamed Zguit

      Bonne chance Mainz 🤭👍

    16. Denis Szabloczky

      Esse Florian é mediano. Ele poderia montar o time com Raschica, Sargent e Selkie.

    17. Lenilson Moutinho

      Esse Bremen tá um lixo! Esse ano ele cai!

      1. Mateus Ribeiro

        @Lenilson Moutinho torço para Bremen mas tá difícil 🤦🏽‍♂️

      2. Lenilson Moutinho

        @Mateus Ribeiro força colega!

      3. Mateus Ribeiro


    18. _______________

      bullshit "foul" call

    19. Omed Saed


    20. Judge Judy and executioner.

      There have been 2 dodgy VAR calls all season in germany off the top of my head. Both of them cost Bremen points. The keeper clearly spills that and Moh never touches him as he kicks the ball But Pavlenka literally getting his arm pulled away from the ball VS Koln was considered not a foul.

      1. Grief of link Ocarina of majora

        us against the VR ,its a shame could've been the savior

    21. StAtIc

      Kohfeldt OUT. He’s been a disgrace for Werder. Enough is enough. Well done to Mainz. They got a very important win.

      1. Grief of link Ocarina of majora

        yeah as werder supporter we deseverdly belong to the 2.bundesliga , but I don't want werder to be in the 2.bundesliga we need a miracle and luck but as u can see there is no luck , and absolutely kohfeld out and bauman , maybe all the board

    22. Rodrigo Realista

      Bremen has been a shame for almost 10 years

    23. Máté Gábor Tóth

      Ádám Szalai winner