Jadon Sancho - Best Moments, Goals, Skills & More


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    Jadon Sancho reaches 100 Bundesliga games for BVB
    Jadon Sancho was once a super-talent, but now he's a superstar. The 21-year-old is the ultimate threat up front, capable of scoring and assisting in equal measure. The England international has been taking opposition defences apart for Borussia Dortmund and setting numerous Bundesliga records. Now he's reached the milestone of 100 appearances in Germany's top flight. Time to look back on his best moments with BVB. What impresses you most about Sancho? Let us know in the comments.
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    1. Bundesliga

      1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ Games for BVB at just 21 years old. Congrats Jadon! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

      1. Katiuscia Fabello

        @Paulus Marcielio 🤘🖕

      2. bolou lai

        Hello! How does your 3d transition effect work

      3. Paulus Marcielio


      4. Nived Nellikkattil

        Just because he plays for BVB

      5. Faathir Muhammad

        Jadon Smith😎😎😎

    2. David Baker

      Hungry for titels lol

    3. bleh fomok

      2:15 wtf poor Jadon my man erling is a monster 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    4. Ashwin Nair

      Needed at la theatre

    5. Tetay Kanatach

      Welcome to Manchester United

    6. Ikmal7989

      It's scary to think how he'll link up with Bruno Fernandes & Rashford

    7. N qt

      Welcome to Chelsea soon to be champion league winner by God grace.

    8. Osbaldo Gabino

      My idol. Absolute genius😏

    9. Savio Sebastian

      Welcome to Manchester United

    10. TLR TLR

      “Hello! I’m Jason Sanchez from Busha Dortmun”.

    11. Pranoy Dutta

      This video is right on time to remind every Man United fans to once again buy tickets for the 'Sancho to United' hype train. 😁😁

    12. IswearItWasn’tMe Doe

      Where are the madrid scouts at?

    13. Red Timez

      Sancho LW and Raphinha RW with Bruno and Pogba behind would be amazing team

    14. Prashant Mona

      Transfer coming soon son sanchoo👍

    15. Emmanuel

      Welcome to Man United

    16. mighty white

      needs to do that for ENGLAND !!! not just for Dortmund

    17. Sam santana

      He is good but not for premier league football with parked defences

    18. guALa sZn

      5:39 🤔

    19. Jay Bahadur

      This young Englishman is just amazing

    20. Lazer Hawk

      Sancho is awesome 💪

    21. SM 99

      Defense is horrible in Bundesliga but Sancho is phenomenal

    22. chris mau

      If pogba eventually leaves man utd they should sign sancho along with a holding midfielder.

    23. Faiba Bernard

      His intelligence even as he has fun... his efficiency to get the final job(goal) done

    24. MRB Z10

      Our man #GGM

    25. UnfairStone

      Getting ready to say goodbye are ya?

    26. Book Ain

      Bundesliga doing it again! The transfer market must be close! Lets Hype to Inflate fees!

    27. Andrew Williams

      I honestly think that a swap deal for Martial would be great for both players because Martial needs new beginnings and a new challenge and at BVB trying to dethrone Bayern I could see him doing like Lukaku at Inter Millan dethroning Conte

      1. Benson Scofield

        I hope it happens

    28. Brian Morecombe


    29. Overhaul

      still.....fifa decreased his pace .smh 🤦‍♂️

    30. Baz 10

      Dortmund’s best player

    31. AquaEgg

      sancho at united with bissouma in cdm will push man united levels up

    32. edwn

      Sancho > Foden

    33. Ricky Atinador

      I wish we could have it for more time, but i think it's impossible

    34. Steffan Emmerich

      i love the way Sancho dribbles. Congrats 💥💥💥

    35. Agape Church Kasarani Fellowship

      Does this mean that he's transferred to another club cause you did the same to upemacano

    36. King. IX

      Great video, inspiring too

    37. Marcus Quijano

      Sign me

    38. Hoosier Daddy

      Woodward ➡️OUT Sancho ⬅️IN

    39. Doctor Pepper

      they are straight and perfectly matched one right handed the other left handed sancho with the help of dribbling and Holland's speed good free kick openings

    40. bolou lai

      Hello! How does your 3d transition effect work

    41. Cosmos

      The defender at 00:34: "I skipped football training to watch Phil Jones"

    42. Cosmos

      00:34.....when you try to copy Phil Jones

    43. C'zarro Faiq Wcksn

      He is The Reason Why Haaland can Score Many Goal At BVB

    44. Fuad Jama

      This commentator is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    45. Michael Kebede

      He is good

    46. Håkon Hoftun Folgerø

      Ed woodward says thank.....oh nvm

    47. mustafa abdullahi #GLAZERSOUT saudisin

      He's top 5 best RWs in the world i hope he joins my club

      1. Benson Scofield

        He will be an upgrade of that front line

    48. Liliam Alvarez Roig

      Congrats Jadon! Kepp it like that, bro!

    49. Στέφανος FC

      Sancho: 🚶‍♂️ Adminho trying to pass him for 30 min-----> 🏃‍♂️💨

    50. abdi libaax

      German teams needs to stop being feeder clubs for bayern or overprice players to tax them. Why would bayern join the super league when they dominate their league every year.

    51. Nicholas Del Pino

      Sancho will leave for the premier league, it is sad

    52. Balaji Palaniappan

      Posting this video whilst he is still there before that night Prem move

    53. OlzonicMC

      Goodbye Pancho

    54. bruhhh *

      Sancho is the bestttt!!!!!!

    55. Abdirahman Yassin

      Best baller black and yellow rising star for sure🤩

    56. Jordan Brown

      Foden is better

    57. psg paris

      Il n'y a pas de Ligue des champions pour le Bayern cette année

    58. Faathir Muhammad

      Jadon Smith for Dortmund 😎😎😎

    59. World's Beautiful Game

      These type of analytics are unmatched wow 🔥🔥🙌, keep up the amazing work peops over at Bundesliga

    60. Levi Mirza

      His close ball control is amazing and then the speed i just love it.

      1. excited last

        Would really fit in liverpool

    61. Antony Sergeos

      Neymar and Sancho are my favorite players

    62. Lorna Nkatha

      he will replace salah in liverpool

      1. Stranger Things

        @GuyWho Scores Unites is gonna crush them SADLY (sorry if u are Man United Fan)

      2. GuyWho Scores

        @Stranger Things Nope sorry. He is actually joining Man United. Liverpool can't afford him and are probably playing Europa next season after United thrash them on Sunday.

      3. Stranger Things

        Please is this true?

    63. The Broken Man

      Soon come 🔴⚪⚫

    64. Zi Han Lee

      05:39 Hungry for ??

    65. David CMC 777

      I like Sancho because of his dribbling ability. He is my favorite player in the BUNDESLIGA

    66. Rishi Joe Sanu

      Jadon showed his quality in just 30 minutes when he came on yesterday. It's like he was never injured

    67. bojkata

      I think Jadon Sancho and Haaland are the best duo in 2020-...


      A great talent

    69. Pes Angupu

      He's up there with mbappe and haaland neck to neck. Such a joy to watch him

      1. Ivan Ibhawoh

        @KRRISH SHARMA thank you for agreeing with me


        @Ivan Ibhawoh so true 👏

      3. Ivan Ibhawoh

        He's technically better player than mbappe. Mbappe is just faster and a bigger game player.

    70. Kevin


    71. Samm Mansion

      really wanted him in quarter finals but glad that he is back from his injury

    72. Siddharth Chabukswar

      I want Sancho to continue the legacy of Reus.

    73. Firas Fajwani

      Make this video 0 deslikes

    74. Abrar Tech

      He's coming to Liverpool

      1. Stranger Things

        I so hope so

    75. Devesh Mittal


    76. Oliwier Zuba

      Please come to man utd 🔴👀

    77. Εκτορας Μπελλος

      we want adminho goals skils and more 😂

      1. Εκτορας Μπελλος

        @Bundesliga hahaha

      2. Bundesliga

        So do I... but they need to happen first 😅

    78. Thomas Stathakos

      Just he's magic!

    79. Thomas Stathakos

      2:08 | Look at the Wolfsburg player who's back, he thinks Sancho will give a pass to Haaland but he gave it next to him and to Haaland! I'm laughing!

      1. Thomas Stathakos

        @tomas gonzalez Oh, yes...

      2. tomas gonzalez

        that one is M'glachbach tho, still a great play

    80. xPoints • 6 years ago

      Idk about the super league but if I get heart, Admin is Super Admin

    81. Rwichik Bhattacharyya

      Jadon Sensational 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Sancho

      1. Taymor

        @Bundesliga naah🤣🤣🤣

      2. Bundesliga

        Sanchsational 😬

    82. Istvan Jokay

      I hope Jadon and Erling will stay in the Bundesliga✊🇩🇪

      1. Hurley Cape town

        Spoiler They don’t.

      2. Samuel Ergando

        @mustafa abdullahi #GLAZERSOUT saudisin to Chelsea 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙🔥🔥🔥🔥✅✅✅

      3. Benson Scofield

        They won't ... They will become to big... Unless bayern gets them

      4. Liam Thomas

        way to good for a farmers

      5. mustafa abdullahi #GLAZERSOUT saudisin

        He's definitely leaving

    83. Katiuscia Fabello

      I'm You Fans Bundesliga ❤ and ADMINHO 🤩😍 From Italy 🇮🇹

      1. Bundesliga

        Hi Katiuscia 👋 😃 💙

    84. Rain KL11

      He is one of the best wingers in the world He has pace,dribble,vision,ball control etc💛🖤

    85. Andy

      Hopefully see him in red soon 😍

      1. Andy

        @Wrath of Lich king 1 BVB don’t sell to Bayern anymore 2 Liverpool can’t afford him

      2. Wrath of Lich king

        Three reds are after him, liverpool, man utd and Bayern

      3. Mohamed • 70 years ago

        @Colhaye Tube bayern 😂

      4. Colhaye Tube

        Man United?

    86. Elvin Mrina

      5:40 no one noticed titels instead of titles

      1. Bundesliga

        Elvin Mrina -> 🦅👁️

    87. Kwame Karuhanga

      Man at only 21 FIRRREEE!!!

    88. mobile 21

      I'm your fan Bundesliga but no reply❤❤🙌

      1. mobile 21

        @Bundesliga thanks best football admin❤❤✅

      2. Bundesliga

        Okay, no reply... we promise 😉

    89. Mo Re

      I am here to read bundesliga replies

      1. Mo Re

        @Bundesliga :)

      2. Bundesliga

        I am here to read Bundesliga comments 👀

    90. Rizakti Rahmatika

      Jadon Sancho is a greatest of all time Bundesliga player ever!!! #BUNDESLIGA #BORUSSIADORTMUND #JKT48 #JKT48HIGHTENSION #HIGHTENSION

      1. הילל מלניקוב

        Levangoalski better

    91. Kevin Volland

      Bright future

    92. rarry182

      He’s a good English lad is sancho

    93. Soujatya Bandyopadhyay

      Damn I early...hope Dortmund make the UCL 🟡🟡

    94. xamse cabaase

      Jadon sacho peals subscribe

    95. Sam Sam- Faiz argaw

      He is one of the best player in bundesliga

    96. V Arun

      Do you know, Sancho has more goal contribution than Messi and Ronaldo combined at the age of 20 🤯🤯🔥🔥

      1. Mo Re

        @Alasdair Campbell 👍

      2. Alasdair Campbell

        @Mo Re Sancho had only 2 less assists the season before Haaland joined

      3. Mo Re

        @Albi yes hes a great playmaker, hes also a very good skiller too

      4. Albi

        @Mo Re yea that’s true and I know u didn’t call him overrated but he’s a great playmaker

      5. Albi

        @Mo Re yea that’s true and I know u didn’t call him overrated but he’s a great playmaker

    97. ironbizmark

      Adminho ? Where are you ?

      1. ironbizmark

        @Bundesliga Adminho , pin this comment

      2. Bundesliga

    98. Aditya Sreejit

      he is an amazing player playing for an amazing team!

      1. Rain KL11

        @SpiderOmelette what did he say

      2. SpiderOmelette

        @Aditya Sreejit Lol you edited it

      3. Aditya Sreejit

        @SpiderOmelette wht

      4. SpiderOmelette


    99. Was a lawyer .

      He is one of the best wingers in the world


        @OvoltPlayz Yt Gituka

      2. OvoltPlayz Yt



        @Bundesliga It is an electrifying run Wamangituka

      4. Bundesliga

        An electrifying player ⚡️ who always lights up the pitch

    100. Abdülmelik baki

      Sancho has betiful asisit