How FC Bayern München Signed Julian Nagelsmann


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    Find out how Bayern signed one of the most promising young coaches!
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    Big news in the Bundesliga: FC Bayern München have signed Julian Nagelsmann from Bundesliga rivals RB Leipzig! The 33-year-old coach joins the record champions after Hansi Flick decided to leave the club after the 2020/21 season. Jesse Marsch will replace Nagelsmann as the new coach of RB Leipzig. Joining Bayern was a long held ambition said Nagelsmann: "I wouldn't have done this for another club." This promising connection is getting us very excited for the next season and we can't wait to see how Germany's youngest Bundesliga coach will implement his style of play with stars like Robert Lewandowski, Manuel Neuer, Leroy Sané & Co. What can Nagelsmann achieve at Bayern? Let us know in the comments!

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    1. Pave

      League is not even over and these guys are openly announcing nagelsmann appointment😂. This is definitely the most relaxed and non-competitive league in europe👏. No wonder bayern players are always fresh during ucl🤣🤣🤣

    2. Estevan Alejandro

      What kind of title is this lol, they paid for him lol duh

    3. Neerkoli

      It will be interesting to see whether Nagelsmann will keep the pure winger system or go with a back 3.

    4. Vasco Francisco

      Hansi Flick is gonna be the new Germany Boss

    5. Samuel A

      Who goes to rival team.

    6. Samuel A

      He should have stayed with rb.

    7. Kevin Ganes

      Embarrassing league

    8. frenichfarm

      Good look Julian

    9. Amma Konadu

      We will never forget Hansi he won 6 titles in his first season wooooowww.

      1. Amma Konadu

        @zoroシ indeed this are facts

      2. zoroシ

        Yes! They were really destroying all of Europe clubs and honestly Bayern could have won the Champions League another time...

    10. Adam Noone

      Naglesman next klopp

    11. Koussai Mais


    12. Akhil Vijay

      Currently any random guy will thrive in Bayern as a manager. Bundesliga is becoming a joke across the world. It's a monopoly. There is no competition in the whole world which is manipulated and destroyed by a single club.

    13. Vasudev Bhat

      Bayern's habit to poach other bundesliga teams is not dry

      1. Ben Watkins

        He is a Bavarian do u even know what's going on


      Only if Hansi joins Germany...... Germany will be invincible than ever

    15. Farhaan Peerbaccus

      Niko kovac 2.0😂😂😂

    16. Ghost King Gamer

      How they keep ruining the league*

    17. Ryan

      Bayern fans must miss you Hansi 😪

      1. Lucas G

        No they won't cuz most of them are plastic fans

    18. Rene Medina


    19. Adam Ermandahari

      Why hansi flick go out

    20. AM24football

      Short answer moneh

    21. Samuel Mason

      Good luck to all clubs except Bayern because you're going to need it

    22. 5 years ago

      remember that this man did the miracle of making the werner score goals, so he is capable of doing anything.

    23. HBKfan4life

      One team league

    24. Chaitanya Divate

      Boring league

    25. GamEsport Do RST

      Vamos Bayern!!!!.

    26. TiJoe

      Bravo Flick

    27. Angus Hall

      I think julian nagelsmann to Tottenham Hotspur

    28. Yupp Dupp

      "To go to a bigger club" Not the best thing u want to hear from ur former coach

      1. Pave

        @John Daman but the league is not even over. He has to still coach his players the next day. How would they feel hearing their coach running his mouth in press while still managing them

      2. John Daman

        You think Leipzig Fans believe that their team is at the same Level as Bayern? Even they are realistic

    29. Sporting Director

      Simple:Bayern paid 30 million to Leipzig

    30. Zupełnie nikt

      i think that bundesliga teams have some deal under the table, to make bayern munich the strogest team in germany to compete in europe to earn money for bundesliga

      1. Korčula AMV Entertainment

        Probably, Look at Leipzig and BVB, they Look fine and strong but flop the title race 🤨 or Bayern was too strong with Flick managing them

    31. Jimmy Anderson

      Why do not you accept that Uruguay, Millonarios FC, Club Nacional of Uruguay are the kings of private world cups in history if clubs, FIFA, CONMEBOL, UEFA are private entities, their cups are private and they are not official government entities?

    32. Sanel 038

      Fc Bayern 💪💪💪💪💪

    33. Michael Kebede


    34. Jose Herradez

      How? They spent a lot of money, wasn't hard

      1. Dasfa Müller

        And Nagelsmann is a big fan of Bayern, he rejected all the other clubs

    35. Zac Franz

      I wonder what ever happens to Schakes young coach

    36. Arghya Dogra

      We need Jurgen Klopp in Bundesliga again, either with Dortmund or some other top club to oust Bayern from Bundesliga champions' throne.

    37. yupidoda

      "How Bayern Signed Julian Nagelsmann" €€€€

      1. Ben Watkins

        Wtf r u Talking about

    38. Kevin Kurniawan

      Stole player, stole the coach, but you can't stole the fans

      1. Ben Watkins

        Why did they go after him mmmm let me think he's Bavarian for starters he's the best young coach on the world and he's German so it's makes sense stop crying

    39. Nightlight

      Bayern always acquiring the best talent from other league competitors, no wonder why they dominate Bundesliga all these years at the expense of other clubs.

      1. Ben Watkins

        He's a Bavarian he's ment to go there , do u even know what your talking about

      2. Plazation

        Self-inflicted I'd say, most teams give them to us

    40. Jai Bennett

      Well, at least he will still coach Upamecano.

    41. Bakary Sonko


    42. RADN

      Welcome ....

    43. Marcus Storm

      How is this three minutes long? the short answer is money...

    44. s Life is Joy

      Because flick just lose to PSG haha

      1. Kubski


    45. Manu S

      Please Broadcast Bundesliga on India in TV channels

    46. Linc O'Brien

      Dortmund sign Rose and Bayern sign Nagelsmann. Congratulations Bayern 👍👍 Bundesliga champions to be for the next five years.

    47. Devesh Mittal

      Koi Bhi

    48. radim zlamal

      Julian Nagelsman best coach

    49. TheOnlyBStew PS4 & Chill

      💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰 That's how

    50. ၃၁ဘုံ ကိုကွပ်မျက်သူ

      Negelsman : I am ready to take six titles.

    51. Kalpesh Erande

      The other teams find talents and sell to bayern

      1. Rufaro Chikovore

        just like Davies Gnabry Coman and hernandez and Alaba right??

    52. aamir scorpio

      Bayern's monopoly and stronghold over their league is incredible. Why join a Super League when you're already in one 🤣

    53. James Byron

      Leipizig: Almost wins the league to try to rival Bayern Bayern: Let's buy the league once again, competition is not what we do or want here

      1. James Byron

        @Divenaldo Penaldo Bayern trashed almost every club that they played against, they are one the best clubs in history

      2. Divenaldo Penaldo

        Cry more. Must be because bayern thrashed your club in the past

      3. Dasfa Müller

        u don't care about Bundesliga competition, ur just salty because he didn't join ur overrated club

      4. Alejandro Urdapilleta

        When did leipzig almost won the league?

    54. Subhan Qureshi

      Bayern gets all the best things of germany no wonder why the league is one horse race and bayern gets stronger every year.

      1. David Johnson Ekka

        Like the premier league doesn't poach talent from the Bundesliga. EPL teams make the Bundesliga weaker much more than Bayern taking one or two players but now it's a problem when Bayern does it. It's better this way, the talent remains in Bundesliga than go to other leagues.

    55. Subhan Qureshi

      Why can't they wait for the season to get over and then announce the signings and the new manager.

      1. Subhan Qureshi

        @Ben Watkins are you a kid? We are talking about football. If it doesn't effect me then it doesn't effect you either. Why are you even replying then?

      2. Ben Watkins

        @Subhan Qureshi ye but u are so salty about it lol I mean wtf it doesn't effect u atall what so ever

      3. Subhan Qureshi

        @Ben Watkins at the end of the season right so these things should be announced at the end of the season only. Have you ever seen any other league clubs doing thes types of announcing? It has nothing to do with me or you. We are just fans with opinion.

      4. Ben Watkins

        @Subhan Qureshi and what's that got to do with you lol it's there business not yours flick came out asking for his contract to be terminated cuz he wants the Germany job at end of season that's why so know your facts mate

      5. Subhan Qureshi

        @Ben Watkins there is a time to announce these things. They have announced nagelsmann as their manager and it can effect the dressing room atmosphere in rb leipzig same goes for leipzig who announced their new manager. transfers are not meant to be discussed in an on going season. Once the season is over then you can announce everything.

    56. Mr Bottler

      Zero cares about this joke league

      1. Mr Bottler

        @Divenaldo Penaldo still bigger than yours + you still a virgin.

      2. Divenaldo Penaldo

        @Mr Bottler you don't have the stick. I know that it is a hole

      3. Mr Bottler

        @Divenaldo Penaldostill better than Spanish farmers league that my idol Pessi plays in + u obsessed with me replying to all my comments, if you want my 10 incher just ask.

      4. David Johnson Ekka

        So what are you doing in a Bundesliga video ?

      5. Divenaldo Penaldo

        Like serie a

    57. Mr Bottler

      Farmers league

    58. Daddy

      Respect # Daddy

    59. MR TITAN

      The only way to be successful Bayern coach is Use Müller's full potential

      1. MR TITAN

        @5 years ago what? Muller is the key passer, assister Muller assists all of them But I am saying that if you know how to use Raumdeuter you will be successful coach

      2. 5 years ago

        I disagree, Bayern can not be depend of one player, muller will not play forever, look what happened in the last ucl with muller but without Lewa,gnabry ,goretzka , it was a disaster .

      3. MR TITAN

        @Sora K. yeah

      4. Sora K.

        I hope he will not drop Muller. I love to see his passion in game.

    60. Rickard Bergquist

      What players will follow with him to Bayern.

      1. Rickard Bergquist

        @Divenaldo Penaldo 😂 for shore but i think maybe Forsberg and Marcel Sabitzer follow with him.

      2. Divenaldo Penaldo

        Your mother and then your father


      Hansi has unique identity better than july.

    62. Akiel Simpson

      lewandowski to chelsea

    63. Zhir Taher

      This is the first time I don't like the voice of the narrator

    64. Was a lawyer .

      Top transfer of the year !!!

      1. Plazation

        @Divenaldo Penaldo That was a disastrous move, what on earth is Paratici thinking???

      2. Divenaldo Penaldo

        Atleast better than Juventus buying pirlo

    65. Aleix Browne

      They have a Monopoly, it’s sad and boring

    66. CAT LION

      Here's the summary to save y'all times watching : *M O N E Y*

      1. Ben Watkins

        U have no idea wtf u are talking about

      2. Plazation

        @Mr Bottler Farmer's league? That's not only an insult to the Bundesluga but also to farmers who work tirelessly in the fields

      3. Hx Dx


      4. Hx Dx

        @Divenaldo Penaldo yea

      5. Divenaldo Penaldo

        @Mr Bottler better than serie a. Juventus knocked out by Porto, inter last in ucl group stage, ac Milan Europa league. Cry

    67. The Rowan Network

      Adminho, how’s your day? Answer me.

    68. Blut Bad

      This channel should rename to Bayernliga

    69. Luís Barbosa

      With... M O N E Y !

      1. Divenaldo Penaldo

        Something you don't have

    70. Илия Макаров

      He needs to win UCL next season.

      1. Vatsa Dave

        @Lucas G Qualify for champions league first :)

      2. Lucas G

        @Ade ToVAR’S assistant Penaldo Is finished play us now and we'll slap you 🤫🤫

      3. Lucas G

        He won't 🤣🤣🤣 if you play us

    71. Sam


    72. Jovan T

      Interviewer: *how...* Some dude called Erling: by joining them

    73. David Tejenes


    74. Young Heartthrob

      FINALLY explain it to me. The man didn't even have a clause in his contract

      1. Black wolf

        Who nagelsmaan ?

    75. Lucas G

      Tuchel > Fraudelssman and Flopp

      1. Divenaldo Penaldo

        West Bromwich Albion

    76. John Ken

      It's simple. We are the biggest club in the world after madrid. Who would not want to join us? Pfft. Announce Bundesliga title for the next three seasons as well 😎.

      1. John Ken

        @Mr Bottler not getting laid huh?

      2. Mr Bottler

        @Divenaldo Penaldo ?

      3. Divenaldo Penaldo

        @Mr Bottler cry more. I am thirsty. Also pass the salt with it

      4. Mark Akoury ꪜ

        @Mr Bottler "not even the biggest club in Germany" proceeds to say we will win the bundesliga every year lmao you make no sense kid

      5. Mr Bottler

        Not even the biggest club in Germany and you’ll win farmersliga for the next 100 hundred years considering how bad everyone else is.

    77. Navneeth Mahadevan

      Well, the literal answer to the question in the title is "Through paperwork and negotiation and money"😂😂😝😝

    78. Maga Man

      Losing Flick is disappointing. Thanks Brazzo for flexing your ego against a coach that won FCB 6 trophies in one season.

    79. Shot on iPhone meme

      Nagelsmann >> Hansi Flick

      1. 5 years ago

        both are good , flick is the best coach Bayern ever had nagelsmann did the miracle of making the werner score goals, so he is capable of doing anything.

      2. Lazer Phantom


      3. Mr Bottler


    80. survivor turnover


    81. Roni Faslah

      Bundesliga 🙏🙏🙏🙏

    82. Aaron C

      I have always called this channel the bayern channel and after this I have seen why. Bayern have made their own monopoly that they are allowed to steal the best from other teams.

      1. David Johnson Ekka

        They make better use of money than most teams.

      2. Divenaldo Penaldo

        Atleast they don't pay 100 million dollar for flops like coutinho, dembele and griezmann

    83. Jelle Jacobs

      How Bayern signed Nagelsmann? They offered Leipzig a boatload of money... Not sure why there's 3 minutes needed for that

    84. Ryan M Howlett

      They signed him with a helluva lot of money, that's how!!

      1. asd zxcz

        @Plazation It worked mostly in one season when Flick arrange it and didn't have many injuries when key matches were happening. Other than that, it's not working so much.

      2. Plazation

        @asd zxcz Working though 😅

      3. Hx Dx


      4. asd zxcz

        And this is funny, cause Bayern in terms of signing players is acting like a homeless person asking for a change by signing only cheap players or loaning rejected players from other clubs.

    85. Bilal Ahmed Shariff

      Adminho, you know what I preferred this video over all my other videos to watch ..because I really like your content, Adminho! Thanks a lot!

    86. Héctor Cortés


    87. Finn G

      Gonna be weird seeing him coach bayern hope LEIPZIG new coach will be good

      1. Plazation

        Jesse Marsch is very good

    88. Thomas McInerney

      Typical Bayern, stealing the rest of the leagues best

      1. Divenaldo Penaldo

        So that the overrated English clubs can't steal from us. Cry more

    89. Mugiwara Nu Luffy

      I hope Hansi joined the National German team and not any other club

      1. Vivaan Singh

        @Ahmad Fares You could have been much more politer...

      2. Ahmad Fares

        Why would he leave if it wasn't for that dumby?

      3. Ben Watkins

        That's the reason he asked to leave u bellend

      4. Costin Nitu

        @Shuma Atiqunnassa

      5. Shuma Atiqunnassa

        @El Pibe de Sistemas source?

    90. The Travelling Force User

      You are a traitor to RB Leipzig. You could have at least left when your contract expired.

      1. Ben Watkins

        He's going in the summer mate he has his release clause activated it's the rules it's the way it is quit crying

    91. KrzyKrzychu

      Welcome in FCB❤️❤️

    92. The odd life of Rómanthicá

      Not Bayern Munchen monopolizing the Bundesliga again🤣

      1. Mr Bottler

        @Divenaldo Penaldo both better than la liga

      2. David Johnson Ekka

        ​@javier aguirre moran It's only a problem when Bayern does it. EPL teams have been doing it for ages. It's not worth explaining it to these people with zero football knowledge.

      3. Divenaldo Penaldo

        @Mr Bottler better than Italian labourers

      4. Mr Bottler

        Incoming German farmers

      5. javier aguirre moran

        But Borussia Dortmund did the same with Mönchengladbach coach a few months ago. In addition, they also bought stars from other Bundesliga teams like Brandt, Hazard, Bürki, Hitz, Dahoud, Delaney, and Schulz.

    93. Maria Isabel Lira

      Wellcome new coach but never forget Hansi Flick ❤💜💛

    94. Parth

      Long story short: Bayern gave Nagelsmann a contract, he signed it and then Bayern paid the sum to Leipzig Right Adminho?

      1. Lucas G

        Aired g

    95. Anwar Anwar

      Sorry but who is Adminho not to be rude...

      1. Ben Watkins

        Init I Wana know this

    96. Aeisha

      We obviously miss Hansi Flick. But let's hope Nagelsmann do well with Bayern.

      1. asd zxcz

        ​@Yupp Dupp You're wrong. "putted past simple and past participle of putt -to hit a golf ball gently across an area of short and even grass towards or into a hole". I was using golf metaphor xd.

      2. 5 years ago

        remember that this man (nagelsmann) did the miracle of making the werner score goals, so he is capable of doing anything.

      3. Yupp Dupp

        @asd zxcz put* putted aint a word😀

      4. asd zxcz

        Unless ,they won't make any valuable transfers as usual. Few players will be out as well, so Nagelsmann, especially when injuries will come, might be putted in not so favourable situation, same as previous coaches were stripped out of options which costed team being kicked out of UCL.

      5. Vört3x Yt

        Divenaldo Penaldo yea

    97. Nesrine Rahmani

      Nagelsmann Next Season Bundesliga 🏆🥇 DFB Pokal 🏆🥇 UEFA Champions League 🏆🥇🔴🇩🇪🤲🏼


      Simple Money

      1. Divenaldo Penaldo

        Something that you don't have

    99. Rasshiq Amin

      Farmer's league done with this channel unsubscribed. Good luck Bundesliga oh sorry Bayern Liga.

      1. Divenaldo Penaldo

        Then probably watch Muslim players in Qatari league. Haha, muslim keep crying.

      2. Mark Akoury ꪜ

        I love seeing bayern and bundesliga haters cry. Their tears are my daily medicine. Their anger issues are my weekly energy. Their obsession is my monthly motivation. Their failure is the only reason why i'm still alive

      3. Parth

        Cry more

    100. KANISHK

      Me thinking this video would be one of the shortest videos with the video stating WITH MONEY

      1. KANISHK

        @Divenaldo Penaldo kdb was innwolfsburg when we brought him and bayerns team is fully made up of smaller teams player neuer schalke lewa dort gnabry hoffenheim Kimmich ,sulen

      2. Divenaldo Penaldo

        @KANISHK kyle walker,sterling Riyadh Mahrez, ake, Kevin de bruyne,

      3. KANISHK

        @Divenaldo Penaldo yeah but we dont destroy our league by stealing talents from our own league

      4. Divenaldo Penaldo

        As if man city isn't funded with fraud oil money