Haaland's Speed Record, FCB's New Coach & A Royal Blue Farewell - The Best Bundesliga Moments


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    Spring in the Bundesliga - emotions, records and oddball moments in April
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    There was a lot going on in the Bundesliga in April. Sit back and enjoy impressive goals, funny moments, records and powerful emotions. We have the full range for you with the Bundesliga's 10 best moments of the month of April, including Erling Haaland, Joel Pohjanpalo, Julian Nagelsmann, Jamal Musiala and many more. Enjoy, and don't forget: Which moment did you like best? Let us know in the comments.

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    1. Raumdeuter

      Haa-land speed record?

      1. Chantal Mujinga


      2. ElAina_justin Fernandes


      3. World's Beautiful Game

        7:03 is the haaland run?

      4. Yupp Dupp

        @Bundesliga Punny

      5. Ryan Purdum

        @Bundesliga make a pun about Haaland would ya!

    2. Nepalese BadLiar

      By the moment I saw FCB new coach, I thought of Barcelona..😅

    3. Luqmaanulhakim

      Sabitzer small but strong

    4. xCrimsonLightx xBlueLightx

      The paderborn manager knows something we dont

    5. Evo Gaming


    6. Dreams Wet

      Best Bundesliga moment was my team going down. I can't believe this I feel personally attacked by Bundesliga YT

    7. RMOG

      I love the Bundesliga!

    8. Zakia Remmach

      top 10 emotinal moments like alaba to real...

    9. Ssk

      Please rename your channel to bayernliga.

    10. Sporting Director

      Haaland:I am Speed

    11. Jay Mason

      Next season for FCB will be interesting

    12. Chacho Carrera

      Haaland speed record is me going to get my phone when Bundesliga notifies me

    13. Michael Kebede

      Haaland is fast

    14. ProGamer

      Schalke is a Bundesliga legend It will return soon and will be stronger

      1. Dreams Wet

        They said that about Hamburger SV too, and they're still not back D:

    15. Alexandru Opritoiu


    16. Aldorf Luthanus

      I hope a Comeback very very soon,Schalke!!!!!💙💙💙💙💙💪💪💪💪💪

      1. Aldorf Luthanus

        @yes jay THANKS BRO!!!!!Good Luck for BVB!!!!!💙💙💙💙💙💪💪💪💪💪

      2. yes jay

        From a Dortmund fan

      3. yes jay

        Hopefully they will come back even stronger

    17. Ruben Atencio

      I will miss the royal blues so much 😔 Good Luck in the 2 division, you will top it (I like them so I will cheer for them even in the 2 division, I will even do a Schalke rebuild in FIFA 21) 💙

    18. John Mwangi

      I feel sorry for shalker 04

    19. Football Club

      *Haaland is a Beast, he is always unstoppable.*

      1. Aadarsha Adhikari

        That’s why he got the name man child

    20. M0NST3R

      Comment to see if the admin recognizes his fans

    21. Dino88 BNG


    22. Name is just a name right?

      Because on how good Haaland is I forgot that he was a youngster 😅😂

      1. World's Beautiful Game

        I be thinking the guy is a 28 yr old baller in his Prime destroying everyone lol

    23. Tim.otaii

      definitely schalke leaving the top flight...but i wouldnt exactly call it my favourite moment of april 😭

    24. Vishnu Ranjan

      Wait for one more emotional farewell when hansi flick leave the Bayern pitch for the last time as a coach.😭😭😭😭

    25. Mohammad Aun

      Hey Adminho, do you think Lewangoalski can win Ballon dor

    26. Kirschapfel

      Bro, if adminho will respond here i will turn convertible

    27. Nitro FX

      And fifa gives him 84 pace smh 🤦‍♂️

      1. Kaan

        are we even surprised

    28. Among ud

      What a month!

    29. Romel Negut

      I don't care who you support, seeing Asamoah breaking down in tears is so sad.

    30. Zaid Khan

      My favourite League

    31. Gaming with D

      Man of the month is adminho

    32. kotek mrrał


    33. Sports United


    34. Muhammad S

      No Revierderby for awhile.

    35. Abubakar Hamid

      I was watching Das Boot and in the film also Schalke defeated by 0-5. Now hearing they’re relegated, what a horrible day!😳

    36. Afron Malika

      About Goretzka 😁

    37. Hell of a game

      Schalke will comeback stronger 💙

    38. Hell of a game

      Adminho finding yet another excuse to upload a video about Haaland!

      1. Christiano Pulinaldo

        @Bundesliga lol

      2. Bundesliga

        🤭 **pretends to be shocked**

    39. Devesh Mittal

      All Best Moment Hai

    40. Shaba Mohamed

      everyone say an emotianal goodbye to FC Schalke 04 #GoodLuckSchalke04

      1. Name is just a name right?

        @Havertzinho imagine what I said will be true 😂😂😂

      2. Havertzinho

        @Name is just a name right? 🤣🤣They will play in 3. Liga

      3. Name is just a name right?

        Gonna win the league unfortunately in 2022/23 and we loose 8-0 in the opening match of the season instead of them loosing 8-0... NAAA THEY WILL WIN BUT THEY WILL LOOSE ONLY 2 AND THEY R AGAINST US #roadtogloryschalke they r my 2nd favorite Bundesliga team. 2nd place is what they will get in 2022/23 season. 😂 imagine I wish it though

      4. World's Beautiful Game


      5. Yupp Dupp

        @Bundesliga Hoppefully

    41. Khánh Hạ


    42. Rizakti Rahmatika

      Koln dan Mainz bener-bener drama banget pertandingannya sampai peluit akhir!!! #BUNDESLIGA #KOEMAI #KOEM05 #JKT48RAPSODI #JKT48

    43. Bundesliga Champions #freepalastine

      You can't do a Bundesliga video without haaland

    44. Kevin Gamez


    45. PrometheusTV

      Why would they hire Nagelsmann?

      1. Firstname Lastname

        Bcz he is a Bavarian,who dreamed to be the coach of FCB

      2. Chris Ryan

        @PrometheusTV Not sure but he is believed to be a brilliant manager so we’ll see what he can bring to the table next season.

      3. PrometheusTV

        @Chris Ryan But is he the guy the bring back the UCL.

      4. Chris Ryan

        Takes away a manager from a direct rival and Nagelsmann is one of the most sought after managers in the world.

    46. Yupp Dupp

      Do a vid again about Moukoko

    47. Adolf Kitler

      Haaland makes flash look like a snail

    48. Milly Mahinra

      Bayern should be stopped from buying Bundesliga players for a couple of years to raise some levels. Or is that the wrong idea?

    49. Çağrı Durmuş

      Haaland say Çağlar Söyüncü is best defender in the world. I just do joke.

      1. Çağrı Durmuş

        @Bundesliga Champions #freepalastine May be a little bit like the type.

      2. Bundesliga Champions #freepalastine

        The only reason why haaland sayed söyüncu is the best defender in the world is because he looked like lord farquaard from shrek

    50. AllTypes TV

      What a month! Adminho! Definitely not you!

      1. Chantal Mujinga


      2. Bundesliga


    51. ironbizmark

      Meep meep

    52. Jesse van Erve

      how fast

    53. Dele JR

      Negeslmann will win the UCL with bayern Like if you agree 😎

    54. King Hubbs07

      He’s a fast neek

    55. Yupp Dupp

      My speed in commenting?😉

      1. Divenaldo Penaldo

        @Bundesliga like haaland

      2. Yupp Dupp

        @Bundesliga Ey Adminhooooo

      3. Bundesliga

        Pretty quick 😀

    56. B.S.A


      1. Jack Olivant

        Yes, the first one shown in the list was SC Paderborn 07’s free kick against Düsseldorf.

    57. Anees ur Rahman

      Amazing vid

    58. Aaron Pellagatti

      Need for Speed

      1. Ludovic Collis

        Ur the first comment I checked