Erling Haaland - 38 Goals in Only 41 Matches


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    Enjoy all of Erling Haaland's Goals in the Bundesliga so far
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    He's off and rolling again - Erling Haaland has resumed his extraordinary scoring streak. With his 10th brace this season, the 20-year-old was once again the match-winner for Borussia Dortmund. His double strike against VfL Wolfsburg on Bundesliga Matchday 31 fired the black and yellows to victory over the team in third and moved BVB to within a single point of the Champions League places. Haaland currently has 25 goals for the season, but what do you think - how many will he have after Matchday 34? Let us know in the comments!

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    1. Hamza Yazid Belkhiria

      This video generated subtitles has covered all possible transcriptions for the name Haaland, from Poland, to High Land, to Paul Had, to early Holland, to Harlan's, to earning Horland, to erling ads, to Hold On...

    2. Sankhadip Mazumder

      it's so freakish that Haaland has almost mastered the art of "Anticipating Goal scoring opportunity"

    3. Archer Hoole

      Lewy better he has higher score rate also lol

    4. Sean McCann

      The bicycle goal

    5. Danny Stalin

      Imagine when Haaland leaves Borussia Bundesliga admin: I miss him, I’m sad :(

    6. vishal

      One season wonder

    7. JayZ Zalin

      Erling Haaland i so good! I love him!🤩🤩

    8. umechukwu ifeanyi

      Chelsea should get this guy, all problem solved

    9. AM ‘

      erling braut haaland and jadon sancho running riot for man utd🔥 ⚫️⚪️🔴

    10. Pratik Thakur

      welcome to chelsea

    11. Quan Dang

      Not to downplay Haaland’s ability, he’s a magnificent striker, but I think half of his goals could have been prevented by better defensive positioning

    12. Zxcv112

      The bundesliga admin have been so sad lately since Haaland has been injured :(

    13. Visvesh 574 XI PCB B

      Fun fact haaland has only played 41 matches for BVB and Pedri has played 53 matches for Barca

    14. Syahran Rifdy

      Plot twist: the admin IS erling haaland

    15. vaishakh pv

      He is great to watch. Can continue to watch him play for hours

    16. pape adama fall

      Real Madrid waits you

    17. Young Dan tV

      The shalke volley Is beautiful 2 perfection☺

    18. Leo Och

      None of em i hate haaland

    19. MrDawa

      My favorite goal is the one he’ll score for Chelsea next season.

    20. George Mwangi

      He is a freaking goal machine, just imagine if he joins Bayern, RIP to all the Bundesliga teams

    21. Emperor V

      Haaland: scores a goal. The Bundesliga admin: *that's free real estate*

    22. 1izen

      champions league goal scourer

    23. norwegian polar bear

      i hope there will be an haaland video with the title:erling haaland-50 goals in only 49 matches!!lets go!!!!

    24. Harshit Agarwal

      3: 28 sancho

    25. Arielle Fenix

      Flip a coin. If heads, Haaland scores. If tails, same! 🤩

    26. Patser Sebeez


    27. WIIGEN

      My favorite SEprom series ;) U know its gonna be a bad week when he does not score = no video :/

    28. evaldo edvaldo

      8:14 impossível ouvir essa musica e nao lembrar do papo de sabado do desimpedidos

    29. Daftar kokviral

      Halland selebrasinya kaku

    30. marika feeqqw

      lol, I realized at the end this is posted by Bundesliga not Borussia...

    31. Desmond

      nothing compared to our Timo Werner (30 shots off target in 41 games)

    32. Baba Yao

      I like his celebration after scoring

    33. Saju eNTe

      Imagine he stay for only 2 more years in DOrtmund and will be unbeatable legend for next 100 years. They he can go to Bayern and they gonna have striker for next 10-12 years when Lewa move to mls or somewhere

    34. Explosive ReactionsTV

      I knew he was going to be good when he scored nine goals in a game at the 2019 u20 World Cup

    35. Marco AL03

      Erling Haaland: *breathes* Adminho: It's free real estate

    36. Romeo Ramone

      Imagine if Dortmund could defend.

    37. Rice and beans


    38. Matthew Gibson


    39. Aswin A

      he is a beast Haaland 🔥🔥⚡

    40. CptObvious

      It seems like Haalands energy is really rubbing off on the other Dortmund players, and I'm liking it

    41. John Meyers

      Welcome to FC Barcelona!

    42. Tomek Chawchu

      jetzt Lewandowski

    43. Tomek Chawchu


    44. M MADRIDISTA Terminator

      Thats why many clubs wants him

    45. Islamic World

      Hard work - Erling Haaland

    46. J H

      Bundesliga: 38 goals in "only" 41 matches Erling Haaland: 😎

    47. Not 2 busy

      I will refer to him now as the "Erl of Dortmund".

    48. Tomas 400 Lima games

      Halaand I want videos of me Bundesliga ok

    49. Oscar Ostry

      New wideo 36 goal in the seanson RL9

    50. TZ w0RkZzz

      This is the only channel that tells all such stats................. Simply Outstanding

    51. Liam Nicholson


    52. C'zarro Faiq Wcksn

      Adminho are Haaland big fan , he want Haaland to notice him

    53. C'zarro Faiq Wcksn

      I Hope Haaland can Score 50 in 50 games

    54. Lyft Eeng

      Thank you for including a ding everytime he scored otherwise I wouldnt have known it was a goal

    55. LilSxmi

      8:19 every kid dreams of scoring then celebrating like that infront of friends and family

      1. miha games

        @Oskarriva lol

      2. Oskarriva

        def not for me, it would be embarrassing

    56. Mohamed Saleh

      Next week video idea for the Admin: Haaland scores 39 goals in 42 matches

    57. Kriks94

      Proud Norwegian here! 1 of May even! :) good day to make a video for every Norwegian :) hope we get a new video on the 17 of may :)

    58. AquaEscapeArtist

      Incredible youngster. His first touch is usually a shot on goal.


      What’s that dude’s name whose life just flashed before his eyes at 3:43

    60. oinky pig

      I swear even if he leaves the Bundesliga the admin will continue the series

      1. Lukáš Lančík

        lol 😂😂😂

    61. DylanPlayz

      I remember I played for Erling Haaland fifa 19 team and he was so young

    62. LilSxmi

      I wonder how many times we all go abouts our day and get flashbacks to the bundesliga commentators saying " Great chance for Erling haaland, and haaland scores again"

    63. LilSxmi

      Really was waiting for this. Thank you bundesliga admin.

    64. Michael Kebede


    65. Macio 14

      What an amazing player

    66. Yotsuba

      If Haaland stays 2 more seasons, he will be Borussia's highest historical scorer....

    67. Jai Bennett

      Rest In Peace Kobe Happy birthday and RIP GiGi Rest In Peace to all the other victims.

      1. Amal Sultan

        What does that have to do with this

    68. Jesus L.

      Messi + Haaland will be like Brady+ Gronk

    69. Kang Chem

      Oh here we go again

    70. Sporting Director

      LOL we saw this video coming

    71. Koussai Mais

      Lewa is the best ❤️ Bayern Beat Dortmund in every time we play against Other Dortmund=🤮

    72. False Alarms

      🙄🙄😶😶 adminho

    73. Muhtashim Ahmed Jami

      Next video: 39 goals in 42 games

    74. Messi The GOAT

      Next match Haaland score 5 maybe

    75. NOBIKÄ

      Adminho is really milking haaland

    76. Angthik Ronghang

      Haaland scores another goal Bundesliga: we are making a video

    77. PES PLEB

      Adminho loves Haaland!

    78. RoMaN Ulove

      What a passionate player, thank you lad for making football better game!

    79. Catalina Salcedo

      Haaland is definitely a maschine made out of Dortmund's echte liebe because he truly has a big future with BVB also Zorc and Watzke know that they are going to keep him alongside Sancho as they are anything but a fantastic duo who score goals even give out assistance to the entire Dortmund team.

    80. Zahraa Ashkanani

      Robert LewanGOALski 36 goals in 26 games ❤️#MiaSanMia 🤍

    81. Nikhil Kondaraju

      at least change the music!

    82. Mas Bro

      Barca must buy ering haaland

    83. Aka Ali

      Even if you give a through ball a bit further ahead of him he will catch up

    84. Nicolas thecaged

      He is going to look stunning in his Bayern Munchen jersey!

      1. Nicolas thecaged

        @Tekkz Football it’s just an inevitability.

      2. Tekkz Football


    85. Thomas

      Haaland the monster 😈

    86. Michael Garay

      what do you think, would he transfer to Bayern?

    87. Alex18

      Haaland is a beast he always finds to score I really love what he's done at dortmund hopefully he helps them win the dfb cup

    88. Name is just a name right?

      are you actually going to do that his whole long career ahead of him from 1st goal to last. LOL 😂. Good job though.

    89. Joshua Casbolt

      Bundesliga Admin be like: Erling Haaland is the youngest player at 34 years old to score 850 goals in 900 games.

      1. SD M

        Lol that would make him all time highest goalscorer in football history..Messi or ronaldo will not even achive that milestone.

      2. clashwithshanky

        @Bundesliga lol true I will watch it 😊😊 Here have this 🧸

      3. LilSxmi

        @Bundesliga ngl that's fax😂

      4. Bundesliga

        And you’re going to watch all 27 hours 😜

    90. Ayoub Riad

      Please next video all robert lewandowski goals

    91. Kapten Kid

      Real Super Star

    92. M hossain

      We have to watch the same thing every week

    93. Sam Bam!

      Oh yeah lets go

    94. Patryś Kozak

      Next film Julian Brandt the best

    95. Moni Phanith

      whats a greatest voice of this man😄

    96. mynameisX

      The fastest 9 mins of my life...

    97. Devesh Mittal

      28 Goals

    98. Xavier Pakito

      Wtf dude,i know he's super super good,but how many times u gonna post about him...maybe u should try on another player like silva

    99. BCFC Tactics

      What about Silva, so underrated

    100. Boy Rizqi

      Dortmund Miss hakimi