Best of Christopher Nkunku - Best Goals, Assists, Skills & Moments


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    Leipzig's magician and set-piece specialist in our Best of!
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    Christopher Nkunku is Leipzig’s attacking all-rounder. The Frenchman can fill any position in attack and proves over and over again how valuable he is to his team. The 23-year-old impresses with strong dribbling and pinpoint set pieces, and is one of the best providers in the Bundesliga. On top of that, he's scored some beautiful goals himself. So, plenty of reasons to take a closer look at Leipzig's magician - in our Best of Christopher Nkunku. What's your favourite moment involving Nkunku? Let us know in the comments.

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    1. Renas G

      What’s the song they use for nkunkus best goal

    2. nkunku.szn.



      Welcome to Arsenal

    4. Big Bang Cheeto stick

      Just me that heard “I feel good” at the beginning

    5. king louie

      I love his assist

    6. king louie

      This Man Is too good

    7. Raghwender Rai

      Timo Werner was best in this team levekusa come back 🥺

    8. Maryan Hussien

      What aplayer nkunku i will to see to play the best teams in the world

    9. AstroNerf

      İ have that guys tots in my squad

    10. William Burns

      Why did PSG let him go

    11. Monojit Patari

      Dude plz come to Chelsea. Werner and havertz needs you

    12. Tapiwanashe Nhanga

      Did I just see Werner scoring a goal??

    13. Fakhri Rahman

      psg player

    14. omar alamoudi

      Top 10 Bundesliga 2 goals

    15. Michael Kebede


    16. jyoti prokash

      Which country??

    17. Veera Sekar

      bundesliga using irons intro

    18. Eduardo Paz

      I thought he was being transferred because of the video. I'm glad he's not.

    19. qwerty

      He should pick Congo DR in future.

    20. Sporting Director

      PSG probably regret selling him

    21. Lucca Caixeta

      He should be in France's starting 11 tbh

      1. Icewallowcome 1

        Over pogba ?

    22. Lucca Caixeta

      One of the most underrated players in the world

    23. MiodekGaming


    24. Rakib Hassan

      Is this a hint he is leaving?

    25. Romel Negut

      He's so talented and his place in the TOTS is well deserved.

    26. Finn G

      Love nkunku great player

    27. Abdirahman Muxidin

      He is great

    28. World's Beautiful Game

      People just about to avoid Werner's goal, ye i know lol

    29. MzMezo

      Forgot to show 4th assist in the best moment

    30. Joseph Kujur

      He should keep in mind where he came from🗼🔵🔴

    31. Devesh Mittal


    32. Kylerzz

      His haircut 🔥🔥🔥

      1. Christiano Pulinaldo

        Better than Cobra kai villian kyler's

    33. Emmanuel Jesudas

      Any Bundesliga Fans from India

    34. Emmanuel Jesudas

      Any malayali watching this video

      1. Hx Dx

        Man hey See you everywhere 😂😂😂

      2. Christiano Pulinaldo


      3. Hx Dx



      I want to see Indian players 🙄

    36. Heresy 1

      welcome to bayern

    37. Cybertron Lel


    38. Ahmad Hasan's Channel

      Honestly I once voted for him as a potm but Kostic won it that month

      1. Bundesliga

        He’s emerging as one of the best all-round players in the league 👏 😯

    39. Afron Malika

      I hopefully RB Leipzig to UCL semifinal again 😁

    40. Poochihead

      NKUNKU under Jesse Marsch next season Prepare ur Butts!

    41. Ihab Ammoury

      Nkunku is really underrated 🔥

    42. WędkarskiSkrzypek

      Pls do video about Angelino🙏🙏🙏

      1. Bundesliga

        😇 Nice idea 💡

      2. Kelvin Tosh


    43. Mr Bottler

      Sadly as an honest Barca fan I have to admit that he is better than my idol Pessi.

      1. Penis Man

        @Divenaldo Penaldo You mixing up Pessi and Ronaldo

      2. Divenaldo Penaldo

        @Mr Bottler today I sadly declare that my idol penaldo is finished. He will be always remembered as the bottling legend

      3. Mr Bottler

        @Divenaldo Penaldo you forgot to ad the b to bgoast, It stands for Biggest,Ghoster,Of,All,Time something which my finished idol Pessi holds. I also have to sadly admit that my idol is finished and that he will always be in CR7s shadow.

      4. Divenaldo Penaldo

        @Mr Bottler sadly as an honest penaldo fan I have to say that penaldo plays worse than the goat messi

      5. Mr Bottler

        @Divenaldo Penaldo And as an honest pessi fan I have to admit that pessi is sadly the worst of the three.

    44. Dzeno


    45. Was a lawyer .

      Even his last name is very nice to say , Nkunku 😄

      1. Mr Bottler

        @Otto Welenberg ?

      2. Otto Welenberg

        @Mr Bottler ✅✅✅✅✅✅🏓✅✅✅✅✅✅🏓

      3. Mr Bottler

        @Was a lawyer . respect the attempted comeback 🤝 but you literally play pes

      4. Was a lawyer .

        @Mr Bottler to get rid of kids like you

      5. Mr Bottler

        @Was a lawyer . no but why you here then?

    46. Bundesliga Champions #freepalastine

      Glad this man got his TOTS.

      1. Divenaldo Penaldo

        Yeah, it is sick. Although I prefer the alaba card

      2. Ties Bekel

        Fully deserved

    47. Mark Akoury ꪜ

      Fun fact: when choupo moting became a meme at psg for blocking a teammate's goal, it was nkunku's chip that was blocked by choupo moting

      1. Bundesliga

        That is fun 😄

      2. Shuma Atiqunnassa

        No way

      3. Christiano Pulinaldo

        Lol nice mar

    48. mobile 21

      Hi admin beasts tho❤❤❤

      1. Bundesliga


    49. Iliyas Baltabay


    50. saju babu

      saju is first

    51. ahmad rousan

      he is a magic


      1st comment