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  1. Phoenix Warden

    Adminho: calls him a boy Lewandowski: is literally 32 years old

  2. Joe Gatt

    You left out the best. In preparation for the 2014 World Cup, he was forced, by his team mates, (after loosing a bet on the golf course, where it was understood that his team mates cheated) to serve their meals, dressed as a waitress in a Bavarian dirndl bodice.

  3. odislaw

    Wow, This is what a trailer for a biographical movie about Lewandowski could look like xD Respect for made this

  4. lol


  5. Jaxa

    the best Polish attacker <3

  6. Antimo Pipita89

    Ma comm è fai 3-3 vs il Bayern di Monaco e nu vatt all'hoffenhaim?? Puuu ma l'anm e kitemmuort!!!!

  7. Jack Ripper

    Ez 50 goals if he wasnt injured but he must beat this record in last game

  8. John Krammer


  9. Ahmed Walid

    danny aarooons

  10. Michał Michał

    Why the heck is he wearing a Germany kit as a boy?

    1. odislaw

      I might be wrong but at that time, the German national team jerseys were quite popular in Poland

  11. Liam Kiratu


  12. Akseli Mäkelä

    Nobody: Not a single soul: Subtitles: Robert Levin Duff Street

  13. A 21


  14. Aidan Burke


  15. Miloš Jr

    It’s not wamangituka say it right it’s WAMAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNN

  16. Nic Gilbert

    it was actually bayerns 30th time winning the league

  17. Wojciech K


  18. PRanxter is Gaming


  19. Wojciech Hajdul

    Duma w serduchu ❤️ teraz po kolejny rekord 💪🔥

  20. Just Fish

    The pocher🔥...

  21. ンKyyryGoblinン

    Robert LewanGOALski Best goal machine on bundesliga!

  22. Ciprian 2oct

    4kth like :))))

  23. Avenger Milla

    Question Is how would he do in the premier league

  24. Mason

    rapha guerreiro is the best LB in the world and no one can convince me otherwise

  25. Alex Seplak

    You just have to appreciate his off ball movement. He has such fantastic vision to always get into the right space. It’s beautiful